23 Feb 2014


I always think that I've been updating this blog more recently. It looks like it has being a while, here's what I've being doing:

Teen Titans GO!  -Animation
Packages from Planet X - Key Posing
Plum Landing - Animator
Nerds and Monsters - Key Posing
and Animation for Low Brow!

What am I doing now?

Posing on Dr. Dimension Pants and animating on Rocket Monkey season 2!

13 Mar 2012

ESS Coffee Machine

Meetings are a great place to get some drawing in. Coffee area and a chair.

25 Jan 2012

Neighbours from Hell!

This is the first bit of animation I did while learning Toon Booms Harmony. I worked on Neighbours back in 2010. It was a challenging production but fun to animate on!

11 Mar 2011

Run for Water

Here are some illustrations I've done for a Run for Water! Run for water raises money to bring clean water too villages in Ethiopia. Check out Run for Water

22 Jan 2011

Tiger . head.

Warm up sketch that I didn't want to finish. I just wanted to colour.