12 Jan 2010


Finally 2010! Things were crazy for the last month so I didn't have time to finish anyting so check out something unfinished.

Often the only time I get to draw purely for fun is with my kids. It is fun to grab one of their giant markers and not worry about any of the "rules" and just go to town.

Usually when I draw like a this I just go at it with the darkest marker I can find. This time I had a short I'm working on in mind so rough these out a bit with yellow first. I'm currently thumbnailing the story so It'll be a while yet.

The one in the middle at the bottom is probably closest too the direction I am going. Not only dose the dude on the right look like duck, he looks like the ones from Kung Fu Panda. (Well a deformed, driven over cousin.) So he gets the moustache.